AMS Team

AMS Team

Our dedicated and helpful AMS team covers a number of specialist disciplines to meet the requirements and needs of the general public, business and industry.

As we enter our 25th trading year, the AMS team has never been stronger. We now provide many of the routine disciplines of Occupational Health and are always looking at other areas of development. Our team of extremely competent, qualified and experienced staff cover the areas in our portfolio such as Medical & Health, Administration, Quality Assurance, Psychiatry, Mental Health, Substance Misuse, Counselling, Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle advice.

When working in partnership with Aberdeen Medical Services Ltd, we take great pride in ourselves that we will never be a faceless or distant organisation. Our commitment to you as a client is that you will have a clear and open line of communication to facilitate your requests and service requirements.

Our staff has an extensive experience, particularly in the Oil and Gas Industry as well as remote healthcare, and much more. Our goal in an ever changing environment is to maintain the primary elements of our previous success and to continue to adapt and grow as an organisation, able to meet changing client needs moving forward. In 2013 we took the vital step of accreditation to ISO9001 standard as this was seen as an important aspect in development.

Some of the Services Provided by the AMS Team

One of our main services is the OGUK Medical which is a medical test that will provide you with a medical certificate which will confirm that you are medically fit to work offshore. So if you are planning to work offshore, you are required to hold a valid Offshore Medical Certificate of fitness. If you are deemed clinically fit, your certificate will be valid for a maximum of 2 years.

Additionally, we provide the ENG1 & related seafarer’s medicals, HSE Diving Certificate of Fitness, Pre-Employment Medical Certificate, Overseas Immunisations, Drug & Alcohol Screening, Food Handler Medical etc.

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